D.O.B. 11.05.97 
AGE RANGE: 14 - 17
HAIR: light brown           HEIGHT: 5’ 4" 
EYES: hazel                      WEIGHT: 104 
Contact: 818-736-5780 or cell: 508-574-2434
Valid California Work Permit & Coogan Account
Actors Access
LA Casting

The Deadley's                     Libby, daughter  Art Ctr College of Design 2013
Missing William                  Young Abby         Aloris Entertainment 2013
The Audition (docu)            LA actress          Candice Breitz Studio 2012     Disconnected                      Bella                    Media Performance Institute 2010

Tom Odell (music video) Friend of lead   Boulevard Ind/SonyMusic 2013

Coca-Cola VO       Teen girl Barking Owl Sound 2015
Hub Network Digital       Teen daughter Hub Network 2014
StyleHaul - Fall Mirrors     Alice at 14       2013   
Museum of Science VO    Teen girl                   Soundtrack Studios 2012 Enterprise Bank radio VO Teen daughter        Rumblestrip Audio 2011 Waters-Product Launch   Young scientist      Jack Morton Worldwide 2010        

Day The President Called    Allison, daughter    Hudson High School 2012
Alice:Tales of Curious Girl   Mouse/Neighbor     Hudson High School 2011
Annie Jr.                              Maid/New Yorker         JFK Middle School 2010
Free To Be You and Me       Narrator (Lauren)    C.A. Farley School 2009

Public Speaking course  Woodbury University  Burbank, CA 2014
Voice/Singing Lessons Donna Cherry                Burbank 2013-Current
Screen Teens                  Diane Christiansen    Los Angeles, CA 2014
Musical&SketchComedy David Carmon           Second City, Los Angeles 2013
Teen Improv                     Amanda Blake Davis Second City, Los Angeles 2013
Teen Audition Prep        Catherine Stroud         Actorsite, Los Angeles 2013
Intensive Scene Study   Mary Fergreus             Actorsite, Los Angeles 2013
Casting Dir Workshop   Scott David              Actorsite, Los Angeles 2013
Casting Dir Workshop   Carol Goldwasser    Actorsite, Los Angeles 2013
Casting Dir Workshop   Paul Ruddy                  Actorsite, Los Angeles 2013
Casting Dir Workshop   Harriet Greenspan    Actorsite, Los Angeles 2012
Improv Teen Program     Adam Brooks             Improv Boston 2012
Acting for Film                 Hugh Long                   New York Academy 2011
NY Actors Showcase     Lau Lapides                Lau Lapides Studio Div. 2011
Teen Acting-Masters       K. Kelly/J. Salvucci    Boston Casting 2011
Scene Study-Film & TV   Anastasia Barnes    CP Casting 2011 
Teens Voiceover             Ken Carberry               Boston Casting 2011 
The Gig: Student Film     Rosalind Thomas-Clark   Boston Casting 2010
On-Camera Acting          K. Kelly/J. Salvucci        Boston Casting 2010 
Nail That Audition             Angela Peri                   Boston Casting 2010 
Auditioning for TV             Ann Maney                     Boston Casting 2010
Acting for Commercials   Ann Baker                     Boston Casting 2010
Improv Technique           Jennifer Salvucci           Boston Casting 2010
Improv Youth Program    Joe Gels                         ImprovBoston 2010
Sitcom/Soap Opera        Cailin O'Connor              ACT, Providence, RI 2009
Film Acting                      Michael Christoforo         ACT, Providence, RI 2009
Commercial TV Acting    Daniel Lee White           ACT, Providence, RI 2009
Image Development        Courtney Jones             ACT, Providence, RI 2009
Fashion-Print                   Courtney Jones              ACT, Providence, RI 2009
Cheerleading                   Hudson Youth Football   Hudson, MA 2005-2007
Ballet/Tap,HipHop,Team Dance On Studio            Hudson, MA 2001-2009

Improv                             Singing  Dancing       Raspy Voice Cheerleading  Horseback Riding